bxplot.JGR {CADStat}R Documentation

Dialog box for generating boxplots for data with factor subsets


Creates boxplots for chosen subsets of the data. A boxplot displays distributional charactersitics (location and shape) of the data. Boxplots also provide a qualitative means of comparing several data sets.


User Interface

Select Graph -> Boxplot from the menus. A dialog box will open.

Select the data set of interest from the pull-down menu, or browse for a tab-delimited text file.

Select the variable that you wish to plot from the pull-down menu, Result. By default, the module will produce two plots, one in the original units of Result, and one in log transformed units.

Text indicating sample size of the data set is included in the plot if Sample Sizes is selected. You can alter the labels for the plot by modifying Plot Title and Result-Axis.

By default, the labels on the x-axis are printed horizontally, but can be changed to vertical with Rotate X Axis Labels.

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