Provides a GUI to Several Statistical Methods

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Documentation for package ‘CADStat’ version 3.0.8

Help Pages

bioinfer.JGR Dialog box for predicting env. conditions from biological observations Dialog box for predicting env. conditions from biological observations
browseHelp Launches help in the browser
buildresultsXML Prepare R output for XML presentation
bxplot.JGR Dialog box for generating boxplots for data with factor subsets Launch browser help files for CADStat
CADStat.update Update CADStat files
cleanCADStatWorkspace Clean temporary files from CADStat workspace
conditionalprob.JGR Dialog box for computing and plotting conditional probabilities
condprob.fn Working function to generate conditional probability values
condprob.impute End function for conditional probability
cor.JGR Dialog box for computing a correlation matrix
datamerge.JGR Merge data dialog for JGR
docbook General function for preparing output Prepare summary output from a data frame
docbook.default General function for preparing output
docbook.glm Prepare output from glm
docbook.glm.summary Prepare summary output from glm
docbook.hmtestp Prepare summary output from hmtest
docbook.htest Prepare summary output from htest
docbook.lm Prepare output from lm
docbook.lm.summary Prepare summary output from lm
docbook.try Try a docbook
envdata.or Environmental data from western OR
genResultSpace Make new space for results
gisdt.subset Subset data frame
glm.JGR Dialog box for fitting a generalized linear regression model
glm.pred.JGR Dialog box to apply predictions from a regression model to assess test sites
jgr.__removeMenu Remove menus from JGR interface
JGRMessageBox Dialog box for predicting env. conditions from biological observations
load.class Load a new java object
load.menus Load new CADStat menus
localJGRError Output error from JGR
pca.fa.JGR Dialog box for calculating a principle component analysis
refids.or Reference site identifications western OR
resample Resample for cond prob
rpart.JGR Dialog box for classification and regression trees
rq.JGR Dialog box for calculating a quantile regression
rq.plot.JGR Plot quantile regression
scatterplot2 Draws a scatterplot based on GUI inputs
scatterplot2.JGR Draws a scatterplot of bivariate data
setVisible Make something visible
text.rpart.JGR Add text to rpart plot