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Build a GNU makefile


Calling buildMakefile builds a GNU makefile based on the project specification in the S4 BSysProject object instance.


  ## S4 method for signature 'BSysProject'
buildMakefile(.Object, Force = FALSE)



.Object is an object instance of class BSysProject that describes the code project.


Force is a boolean that when TRUE forces re-construction of the makefile.


buildMakefile constructs a makefile that represents the project specfication in the S4 BSysProject object instance. That instance is created with a call to new("BSysProject", ...) constructor (see initProjectFromFolder). If the makefile already exists and is in sync with Object then the makefile is left untouched, unless Force=TRUE, in which case it is written afresh. A makefile is determined to be in sync with the parent project by comparison of an md5 digest of the BSysProject object instance and the digest stored in the header comment line of the makefile.


Returns TRUE if the makefile is created or re-created and FALSE otherwise.


see BuildSys-package for examples of use.


Paavo Jumppanen [aut, cre]

Maintainer: Paavo Jumppanen <>

See Also

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