MakeSlideShow {BrailleR}R Documentation

Turn a set of Rmd files into an HTML slide show


Takes a set of Rmd files in alphabetical order and makes them a set of linked HTML files or a single slidy presentation suitable for delivering a presentation., or a single plain HTML file suitable for distribution


MakeAllInOneSlide(Folder, Style = getOption("BrailleR.SlideStyle"), file=NULL)
MakeSlidy(Folder, file = NULL)
MakeSlideShow(Folder, Style = getOption("BrailleR.SlideStyle"), ContentsSlide = TRUE)



name of the folder in the current working directory that contains the set of Rmd files.


Choose the cascading style sheet file to be applied. The file is looked for in three places: Your MyBrailleR folder, the current working directory, and finally the folder with the Rmd files. The last one found is the one that gets used if multiple copies exist.


The filename to use for the Rmd and HTML files. These files will be overwritten if they already exist.


Do you want links for the extra slide that has links to all slides? The file will be called 00_Contents.html


For MakeSlideShow: The files are temporarily moved up to the current working directory where the links for the back, next and optionally the contents slides are added, before these new files are knitted to HTML. The user then opens the first file in the set and has a series of next links to work with that gets them through the slide show. All temporary files are then deleted.

For MakeAllInOneSlide: The process is similar but the links are not added and only one HTML file is created.

Ultimately, the user should move to using the slidy presentation.


A printout of the slides made in the order they will appear. The HTML files are in the current working directory.


The official CRAN policies tell package developers that we cannot write files to the user's hard drive without their permission or notifying them that this is happening. Well, you've just been told. If you use this function, you will get files written to the hard drive on your computer, but you did want them.


A. Jonathan R. Godfrey

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