default.colours {BoutrosLab.plotting.general}R Documentation

Provides default colour schemes.


Returns colour schemes based on user input. Used to provide default colour schemes for simple cases.


	number.of.colours = 2,
	palette.type = 'qual',
	is.greyscale = TRUE,
	is.venn = FALSE



The number of colours requested for the colour scheme.


The type of colour scheme requested. Only palette types of “seq”, “div”, “qual”, “pastel”, “survival”, “dotmap”, “spiral.sunrise”, “spiral.morning”, “spiral.dusk”, “spiral.noon”, “spiral.afternoon”, “spiral.dawn”, and “spiral.night” are accepted. Legacy colour palettes are available under “chromosomes”, “old.qual1”, “old.qual2”, “old.seq”, and “old.div”. “seq” corresponds to sequential colour schemes, “div” corresponds to diverging colour schemes, and “qual” corresponds to qualitative colour schemes - “pastel” is a pastel version of this palette. “survival” is useful for survival plots, as the first two colour are blue and red, following convention. The remaining colour schemes are not tied to a specific use-case.


Boolean asking whether or the colour scheme should be greyscale-compatible. Defaults to TRUE. The purpose of this parameter is to warn users if they ask for a colour scheme that is not greyscale-compatible. Regardless of the value of is.greyscale, the same colour scheme will be provided.


Boolean determining whether or not the colour scheme is to be used for a venn diagram. If TRUE, the palette type should be set to NULL. For venn diagrams, text colours are also provided.


For further information on colour schemes, refer to the plotting guide.)


Christine P'ng


default.colours(number.of.colours = 6, is.greyscale = FALSE, palette.type = 'div')
# Returns:
# [1] "#B32B2B" "#DD4E4E" "#EB7C7C" "#F7BEBE" "#BEF4F7" "#80CDD1"

default.colours(number.of.colours = 3, palette.type = NULL, is.venn = TRUE)
# Returns:
# [1] "red"        "dodgerblue" "yellow"    
# [1] "darkred"    "darkblue"   "darkorange"
# The second line of colours is the corresponding text colour

default.colours(number.of.colours = c('2','5','3'), c('binary','seq','seq'))
# Returns:
# [[1]]
# [1] "white"       "chartreuse3"

# [[2]]
# [1] "lavenderblush"  "pink"           "palevioletred1" "violetred1"    
# [5] "maroon"        

# [[3]]
# [1] "aliceblue"    "lightblue1"   "lightskyblue"

default.colours(5, 'spiral.sunrise');
# Returns: 
# [1] "#336A90" "#65B4A2" "#B1D39A" "#F4E0A6" "#FFE1EE"

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