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Laboratory Data


The laboratory data is based on 459 patients who were listed for heart transplant and were put on mechanical circulatory system through device implantation from December 1991 to July 2009 at Cleveland Clinic. These patients had periodic measurements of their bilirubin and creatinine levels. Data from 459 patients includes 18285 measurements of bilirubin and creatinine with an average of 39 measurements per patient.


Laboratory data has 4 parts:

  1. A total of 41 x-variables.

  2. Time points (time).

  3. Patient identifier (id).

  4. Longitudinal responses (tbili_po and creat_po).


Rajeswaran J., Blackstone E.H. and Bernard J. Evolution of association between renal and liver function while awaiting for the heart transplant: An application using bivariate multiphase nonlinear mixed effect model. Statistical methods in medical research 27(7):2216–2230, 2018.


data(Laboratory_Data, package = "BoostMLR")

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