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Print attractor cycles


Specialized print method to print the attractor cycles stored in an AttractorInfo object. For simple or steady-state attractors, the states of the attractors are printed in binary encoding in the order they are reached. For asynchronous complex/loose attractors, the possible transitions of the states in the attractor are printed. The method can print either the full states, or only the active genes of the states.


## S3 method for class 'AttractorInfo'
      activeOnly = FALSE, 



An object of class AttractorInfo to be printed


If set to true, a state is represented by a list of active genes (i.e., genes which are set to 1). If set to false, a state is represented by a binary vector with one entry for each gene, specifying whether the gene is active or not. Defaults to FALSE.


Further parameters for the print method. Currently not used.


Invisibly returns the printed object

See Also

print, getAttractors

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