getAttractorSequence {BoolNet}R Documentation

Decode the state sequence of a synchronous attractor


Obtains the sequence of states belonging to a single synchronous attractor from the encoded data in an AttractorInfo structure or in a SymbolicSimulation structure.


getAttractorSequence(attractorInfo, attractorNo)



An object of class AttractorInfo, as returned by getAttractors, or of class SymbolicSimulation, as returned by simulateSymbolicModel. As the transition table information in this structure is required, getAttractors must be called in synchronous mode and with returnTable set to TRUE. Similarly, simulateSymbolicModel must be called with returnGraph=TRUE.


The index of the attractor in attractorInfo whose state sequence should be obtained


Returns a data frame with the genes in the columns. The rows are the successive states of the attractor. The successor state of the last state (i.e. the last row) is the first state (i.e. the first row).

See Also

getAttractors, simulateSymbolicModel, getPathToAttractor, plotSequence, sequenceToLaTeX


## Not run: 
# load example data

# get attractors
attractors <- getAttractors(cellcycle)

# print basin of 7-state attractor
print(getAttractorSequence(attractors, 2))

## End(Not run)

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