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p53 Negative-Feedback Gene Regulatory Boolean Network


The data consists of activities of 4 genes in the well-known p53-MDM2 negative-feedback gene regulatory network when the external input (called dna_dsb) to this system is ON or OFF. The p53 gene codes for the tumor suppressor protein p53 in humans, and its activation plays a critical role in cellular responses to various stress signals that might cause genome instability. The four genes are as follows: ATM, p53, Wip1, and MDM2. The input 'dna_dsb' indicates the presence of DNA double strand breaks. In this dataset, dna_dsb is 0, indicating no external input.




The p53-MDM2 negative-feedback gene regulatory network described by E. Batchelor et al.


E. Batchelor, A. Loewer, and G. Lahav, "The ups and downs of p53: Understanding protein dynamics in single cells," Nature Rev. Cancer, vol. 9, no. 5, pp. 371-377, 2009.



data <- simulateNetwork(p53net_DNAdsb0, n.data = 100, p = .02,
                      obsModel = list(type = 'Bernoulli', 
                                      q = 0.05))

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