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Dataset, natural cherry coffee.


Database of coffee blends of different varieties processed by dry via.




Database of coffee blends of different varieties processed by dry via. Formed by the variables: Exp (code of the experiments); CEB (specialty Bourbon Yellow coffee produced at an altitude above 1,200m); CT (roasted commercial coffee); CC (Conillon coffee); CEA (Acaia specialty coffee produced at altitude below 1,100m); Conc (concentrations at 7% and 10% (w/v) of roasted and ground coffee beans in 100 ml of water). Variable responses defined by sensory attributes: Body, Taste, Acidity, Bitterness, Score.


Project yield and research entitled by "Quality of blends of specialty and non-specialty coffees of the region of the Mantiqueira Mountains - treatment of discrepant scores in tests with consumers". CNPq for their aid via grant number 304974/2015-3.


data(DataNAT) # dataset

Exp <- DataNAT[,2]   # identification of the experiments

X <- DataNAT[,3:6] # independent variables (components)
Y <- DataNAT[,11]  # dependent variable (response Bitterness)
# effects o the mixtures in the reference mixture
Effects <- rep(c(-0.1,0,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7),4) 

Conc <- as.matrix(DataNAT[,7]) # covariable (process variable)

Res <- Blend(exp = Exp, X = X, Y = Y, conc = Conc, effects = Effects)

print("Predicted and observed values"); Res$MPred
print("Values predicted by components:"); Res$MCPred
print("Design of the experiments:"); Res$MExp
print("Estimates of the linear model parameters:"); Res$Theta 

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