Calculate and Analyze Blau Statuses for Measuring Social Distance

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Documentation for package ‘Blaunet’ version 2.2.1

Help Pages

active Quick summary of blau object.
blau Converts raw data into an object for Blau status analysis
blaunet Calculate and Analyze Blau statuses for Measuring Social Distance
blaunetgui Run Blau status analysis in graphic user interface (GUI).
BSANet Example dataset for relational measures.
dyadic Computes dyadic Blau status measures.
ecology.summary Summarizes the distribution of individuals across niches.
export.dyadic Outputs dyadic level measures computed by the user
export.nodal Outputs all node-level measures computed by the user
gss74_87 Example attribute dataset from General Social Survey (GSS).
niche.summary Summarizes information on each membership organization
niches Locate individuals in organizational niches in Blau space Compute Blau statues for individuals across all niches
nodal.local Computes Blau statuses for individuals with respect to a primary membership Computes nodal spanners
schlattr Example attribute dataset from Add Health.
schlnet Example network dataset simulated based on the attribute dataset from Add Health.
TwoCities Example social capital dataset