bland.altman.PEFR {BlandAltmanLeh}R Documentation

PEFR Data from Bland JM and Altman DG 1986


Peak expiratory flow data from 17 members of Bland's family, taken with two different instruments, each twice. This data is for explanatory use only. Columns 1 and 2 were measured with the "Wright" peak flow meter, columns 3 and 4 with the "Mini Wright" peak flow meter. These are the data behind fig. 1, fig. 2 and fig. 6 of the original paper and these can be easily reconstructed




An object of class data.frame with 17 rows and 4 columns.


# this is what fig. 1. would have looked like in R:
x <- bland.altman.PEFR[["bigger.first"]]
y <- bland.altman.PEFR[["smaller.first"]]
plot(x,y, xlab="PEFR by large meter",ylab="PEFR by mini meter", 
     xlim=c(0,800), ylim=c(0,800))

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