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Moments Estimator for the Basu-Dhar Bivariate Geometric Distribution


This function computes the estimators based on the method of the moments for each parameter of the Basu-Dhar bivariate geometric distribution.


mombivgeo(x, y)



matrix or vector containing the data. If x is a matrix then it is considered as x the first column and y the second column (y argument need be setted to NULL). Additional columns and y are ignored.


vector containing the data of y. It is used only if x is also a vector. Vectors x and y should be of equal length.


The moments estimators of \theta_1, \theta_2, \theta_3 of the Basu-Dhar bivariate geometric distribution are given by:

\hat \theta_1 = \frac{\bar{Y}(1 - \bar{W})}{\bar{W}(1 - \bar{Y})}

\hat \theta_2 = \frac{\bar{X}(\bar{W} - 1)}{\bar{W}(\bar{X} - 1)}

\hat \theta_3 = \frac{\bar{X}(\bar{X} - 1)(\bar{Y} - 1)}{(\bar{W} - 1)\bar{X} \bar{Y}}


mombivgeo gives the values of the moments estimator.

Invalid arguments will return an error message.


Ricardo P. Oliveira

Jorge Alberto Achcar


mombivgeo is calculated directly from the definition.


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de Oliveira, R. P., & Achcar, J. A. (2018). Basu-Dhar's bivariate geometric distribution in presence of censored data and covariates: some computational aspects. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis, 11, 1, 108-136.

See Also

Geometric for the univariate geometric distribution.


# Generate the data set:

x1 		<- 	rbivgeo1(n = 1000, theta = c(0.5, 0.5, 0.7))
x2 		<- 	rbivgeo2(n = 1000, theta = c(0.5, 0.5, 0.7))

# Compute de moment estimator by:

mombivgeo(x = x1, y = NULL) # For data set x1
#             [,1]
# theta1 0.5053127
# theta2 0.5151873
# theta3 0.6640406

mombivgeo(x = x2, y = NULL) # For data set x2
#             [,1]
# theta1 0.4922327
# theta2 0.5001577
# theta3 0.6993893

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