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Documentation for package ‘Biotech’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

CellVit Compute the cell vitality
conc.4PL Compute the concentration of an competitive ELISA based on the 4-Parameter-logistic function
conc.from.abs Functions to compute concentration values in absorption-spectroscopy
conc.per.dil Compute the concentration after a dilution step
conc_eval concentration evaluation
c_any Compute the concentration of the source salts for specific elements inside a fermentationbroth
daisy Different values measured during a fermentation of Escherichia coli in a bioreactor named daisy
dilfact Computing a dilution factor, a sample volume (Vorlagevolumen), concentration after dilution Compute the dilution factor
dose_response_plot A dose~response plot with a summary
Eadie_Hofstee Draw an Eadie-Hofstee graph (and compute the y-axis intercept)
eG Compute gas content Keep an eye on the units
eG.empir Empiric prediction function for the Gas holdup (eG)
eGR_CMC Gas content upstream column for non nowton fluids
eGR_H2O Gas content of upstream column for a bubble column reactor
eGT compute the total gas content (eGT) of an airlift-reactor with a single riser and a single downer
eta.eff rheological modeling for highly non-newtonian fluids estimate of Ostwald & de Waele
HSA1 A 95-Well-Plate on which a sandwich ELISA assay detecting human serum albumin was performed, the plates name is Clara
HSA2 A 95-Well-Plate on which a sandwich ELISA assay detecting human serum albumin was performed, the plates name is Arno
K.Zlokarnik Compute K and m from Zlokarnik-Korrelation
kLa.eG compute kLa via eG (gas holdup)
kLaD Compute the kLaD
kLaD.korr.H2O Correlation model for the kLa in H2O
kLaD.korr.nN Non-newton-correlation model for the kLa
Lineweaver_Burk Plot a Lineweaver-Burk diagram and compute the ordinate intercept
LinMod Linear model for concentration evaluation
mix.t.H2O Mixing time of H2O based on correlation
mix.t.nN Mixing time of non newtonian fluids
mt compute the mixing time
MultiRate Compute the cell vitality after frosting
PAGE.gen Function to analyse a PAGE
PGVL Power input of a bubble column reactor
plot_MM_direct Create a non-linear Regression for a Michaelis-Menten type Enzyme with a little knowlege of its Km and Vmax
plot_regression Generic plotting function for usage with any absorption spectroscopic data
PM The power-input via the motor
samp.vol Compute sample (Vorlage) volumes V_vor = (V_soll * c_soll) / c_ist
Spektren Absorbance measurements
Spektrum Absorption measurement
STR.Prog.Assay A calibrationcurve to test 4-parameter-linear-models
uG compute the superficial velocity
VDi Compute the dispersion volume mind the units
velG.cal compute the actual gas flow (eliminate the error of the rotameter) of either the big airlift reactor or the smaller one used at the Biotechnikum at Forum Seestra├če
vitality Vitality of a cell population
vitrate Vitality rate of a cell population
vol.act generic functions to determin protein activity
yield Compute yield count