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Calculate probability of association for one mode of inheritance


Equivalent to prob_association where the prior probability of one mode of inheritance is 1. This function is faster, as it only calls bevimed_m once.


prob_association_m(y, min_ac = 1L, prior_prob_association = 0.01, ...)



Logical vector of case (TRUE) control (FALSE) status.


Integer vector with a length equalling the number of individuals or length 1 (in which case the given value is used for all individuals) giving the minimum number of alleles at pathogenic variant sites each individual requires in order to classify as having a ‘pathogenic allele configuration’. Thus, this parameter encodes the mode of inheritance. For instance, setting this parameter to 1 corresponds to dominant inheritance. If there are differences in ploidy between individuals in the locus, it is necessary to set it on an sample level basis - e.g. to ensure sex is accounted for if the locus lies on the X chromosome.


The prior probability of association.


Other arguments to pass to log_BF.


Probability value.

See Also

log_BF, prob_association, bevimed_m

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