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The Regression Game


The regression function is used for solving problems in the data-based game ,,The regression Game”.





regression function is called with different arguments, which vary depending on a problem that Beta and Bit are trying to solve. See Details in order to learn more about the list of possible arguments.


Every time when some additional hints are needed one should add hint = TRUE or techHint = TRUE argument to the regression function. Technical hints will point out R packages and/or functions which might help you to solve the task while "normal" hints provide you with methodological advices.

In this game you are helping Professor Pearson. You can communicate with him through the regression function.

In each call include the subject parameter (indicating which task you are trying to answer) and the content parameter (providing information Professor Pearson is asking you for in a given task).

Data used in the game comes from the study of Polish upper-secondary schools first grade students. It was conducted together with the PISA 2009 study using the same cognitive tests and questionnaires as in PISA 2009 but on a different group of students (in Poland most of the students in a PISA sample attends lower-secondary schools). The students who participated in the first wave of the study were followed in the 2nd grade of upper-secondary school within the research program Our further study and work (Nasza Dalsza Nauka i Praca). Both studies were conducted by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology Polish Academy of Sciences. The original data was changed a little, to better fit the purpose of the game.

,,The Regression Game” is a free of charge, educational project of the Foundation.


Function returns one of three possible values:



regression(hint = TRUE)
regression(techHint = TRUE)

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