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Import occurrences from GBIF, ALA, iDigBio, and SCAN downloads


Locates data from GBIF, ALA, iDigBio, and SCAN within a directory and reads it in along with its eml metadata. Please keep the original download folder names and architecture unchanged. NOTE: This function uses family-level data to identify taxon downloads. If this, or something new, becomes an issue, please contact James Dorey (the developer) as there are likely to be exceptions to how files are downloaded. current as of versions 1.0.4.


repoMerge(path, save_type, occ_paths)



A directory as a character. The directory to recursively look in for the above data.


Character. The data type to save the resulting file as. Options are: csv_files" or "R_file".


A list of directories. Preferably produced using repoFinder() the function asks for a list of paths to the relevant input datasets. You can fault-find errors in this function by checking the output of repoFinder().


A list with a data frame of merged occurrence records, "Data_WebDL", and a list of eml files contained in "eml_files". Also saves these files in the requested format.


## Not run: 
DataImp <- repoMerge(path = DataPath, 
# Find data - Many problems can be solved by running [BeeBDC::repoFinder(path = DataPath)]
# And looking for problems
occ_paths = BeeBDC::repoFinder(path = DataPath),
save_type = "R_file")

## End(Not run)

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