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Weight_Behavior Data Set


This database was obtained from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, by Dr. Richard Scribner. He explored the relationship between BMI and kids behavior through a survey at children, teachers and parents in Grenada in 2014. This data set includes 691 observations and 15 variables.




The data set contains the following variables:

bmi - body mass index, calculated by weight(kg)/height(cm)^2, numeric

age - children's age in years at the time of survey, numeric

sex - sex of the children, factor

race - race of the children, factor

numpeople - number of people in family, numeric

car - the number of cars in family, numeric

gotosch - the method used to go to school, factor

snack - eat snack or not in a day, binary

tvhours - number of hours watching TV per week, numeric

cmpthours - number of hours using computer per week, numeric

cellhours - number of hours playing with cell phones per week, numeric

sports - join in a sport team or not, 1: yes; and 2: no

exercises - number of hours of exercises per week, numeric

sweat - number of hours of sweating activities per week, numeric

overweigh - the child is overweighed or not, binary



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