macaques {Ball}R Documentation

Male and Female macaque data


Male and female macaque skull data. 7 landmarks in 3 dimensions, 18 individuals (9 males, 9 females)


macaques$x: An array of dimension 7 \times 3 \times 18

macaques$group: A factor indicating the sex ('m' for male and 'f' for female)


In an investigation into sex differences in the crania of a species of Macaca fascicularis (a type of monkey), random samples of 9 male and 9 female skulls were obtained by Paul O’Higgins (Hull-York Medical School) (Dryden and Mardia 1993). A subset of seven anatomical landmarks was located on each cranium and the three-dimensional (3D) coordinates of each point were recorded.


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Dryden, I. L. and Mardia, K. V. (1993). Multivariate shape analysis. Sankhya Series A, 55, 460-480.

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