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Bias and Uncertainty Corrected Sample Size (BUCSS)


Bias- and Uncertainty-Corrected Sample Size. BUCSS implements a method of correcting for publication bias and uncertainty when planning sample sizes in a future study from an original study


Note that https://designingexperiments.com uses Shiny R apps that implement, via a web interface, the functions contained in BUCSS.


Samantha Anderson samantha.f.anderson@asu.edu and Ken Kelley kkelley@nd.edu


Anderson, S. & Kelley, K., Maxwell, S. E. (2017). Sample size planning for more accurate statistical power: A method correcting sample effect sizes for uncertainty and publication bias. Psychological Science, 28, 1547–1562.

See https://designingexperiments.com/ for Shiny R implementation of the functions.

For suggested updates, please email Samantha Anderson samantha.f.anderson@asu.edu or Ken Kelley kkelley@nd.edu.

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