MacrocnemisCoordsLocsMini {BPEC}R Documentation

Coordinates and haplotypes for the R.macrocnemis Brown Frog dataset


A reduced version of the Rana macrocnemis (Amphibia, Ranidae) dataset, the Near Eastern brown frog, from a transition zone of landscapes in Georgia, Caucasus. Contains the coordinates and ecological characteristics of each sampling location along with the haplotypes found in each location. It is called using data(MacrocnemisCoordsLocsMini).




In total 21 sampling locations with one haplotype in each. For each observation, longitude, latitude, plus Annual Mean Temperature (degrees Celsius x 10) from the database.


D. Tarkhnishvili, A. Hille and W. Boehme (2001) Humid forest refugia, speciation and secondary introgression between evolutionary lineages: differentiation in a Near Eastern brown frog, Rana macrocnemis. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.

A. Hille, I. Manolopoulou and D. Tarkhnisvili (2015) Detecting landscape-dependent selection with Bayesian phylogeographic and ecological clustering: comparison of recombinant microsatellite and mtDNA haplotype data (unpublished).


#to use the example dataset:
coordsLocs <- MacrocnemisCoordsLocsMini

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