CladeBrownFrogsCoordsLocs {BPEC}R Documentation

Coordinates and haplotypes for the Brown Frog dataset


Dataset of all known taxa of the "western" and "eastern" lineage of the Near Eastern brown frogs (Rana macrocnemis macrocnemis, R. m. camerani, R. holtzi, R. m. pseudodalmatina, R. m. tavasensis, Amphibia, Ranidae). Contains the coordinates of each sampling location along with the haplotypes found in each location. It is called using data(CladeBrownFrogsCoordsLocs).




In total 40 sampling locations throughout the Near Eastern (Turkey, Georgia, Daghestan, Northern Iran) with 21 (19 + 2) haplotypes.


M. Veith, J.F. Schmidtler, J. Kosuch, I. Baran and A. Seitz (2003) Palaeoclimatic changes explain Anatolian mountain frog evolution: a test for alternating vicariance and dispersal events. Molecular Ecology.

M. Veith, J. Kosuch and M. Vences (2003) Climatic oscillations triggered post-Messinian speciation of Western Palearctic brown frogs (Amphibia, Ranidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.


#to use the example dataset:
coordsLocs <- CladeBrownFrogsCoordsLocs

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