Wrapper Functions to the 'BMRS API'

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Documentation for package ‘BMRSr’ version 1.0.3

Help Pages

build_b_call Create an API call for B-data flows
build_call Build an API call (uses the appropriate function based on the data item)
build_legacy_call Create an API call for legacy data
build_remit_call Create an API call for REMIT flows
change_parameter_name Convert a parameter name to a different format
check_data_item Check the data item to ensure that it is a valid request
check_data_item_version Check the data item to ensure that it is valid for the version specified
check_period Check the the provided Settlement Period value is valid
clean_date_columns Reformat date, time, and datetime columns
fix_all_parameters Fixes multiple parameters
fix_parameter Fixes parameters provided in the 'build_x_call()' functions
full_request Create an API call, send the request and retrieve the results, and parse them
generation_dataset_example An example dataset from BMRS showing generation by fuel type.
get_cleaning_function Get the cleaning function required for a parameter
get_column_names Get the column names for a returned CSV Legacy dataset
get_data_items Get a vector containing all of the permissible data items
get_data_item_type Get the data item type of a data item
get_function Get the correct function to create the API call depending on the data item
get_parameters Get the required parameters for a data item
parse_clean_csv Parse a 'clean' .csv response
parse_eof_csv Parse a .csv response with a EOF tag left in
parse_response Parse the results of a call
send_request Send an API request (basically a wrapper to httr:GET that adds a marker for the data item)
try_parse Wrapper to the tryCatch version to be used for the parsing function