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Sample residuals according to a new model


Sample residuals according to a new model


sampleResids(means, sampling_errors, method, rescaleResids, ...)



a vector of means


Sampling vector to resample errors from. Used only if error is 4 and is passed as argument to generateData. If sampling_errors = NULL (default), mean residuals at off-axis points between observed and predicted response are taken.


What assumption should be used for the variance of on- and off-axis points. This argument can take one of the values from c("equal", "model", "unequal"). With the value "equal" as the default. "equal" assumes that both on- and off-axis points have the same variance, "unequal" estimates a different parameter for on- and off-axis points and "model" predicts variance based on the average effect of an off-axis point. If no transformations are used the "model" method is recommended. If transformations are used, only the "equal" method can be chosen.


a boolean indicating whether to rescale residuals, or else normality of the residuals is assumed.


passed on to predictVar


sampled residuals

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