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A Suite of Packages for Analysis of Big Genomic Data


Modern genomic datasets are big (large n), high-dimensional (large p), and multi-layered. The challenges that need to be addressed are memory requirements and computational demands. Our goal is to develop software that will enable researchers to carry out analyses with big genomic data within the R environment.


We have identified several approaches to tackle those challenges within R:

The BGData package is an umbrella package that comprises several packages: BEDMatrix, LinkedMatrix, and symDMatrix. It features scalable and efficient computational methods for large genomic datasets such as genome-wide association studies (GWAS) or genomic relationship matrices (G matrix). It also contains a container class called BGData that holds genotypes, sample information, and variant information.

Example dataset

The extdata folder contains example files that were generated from the 250k SNP and phenotype data in Atwell et al. (2010). Only the first 300 SNPs of chromosome 1, 2, and 3 were included to keep the size of the example dataset small. PLINK was used to convert the data to .bed and .raw files. FT10 has been chosen as a phenotype and is provided as an alternate phenotype file. The file is intentionally shuffled to demonstrate that the additional phenotypes are put in the same order as the rest of the phenotypes.

See Also

BEDMatrix-package, LinkedMatrix-package, and symDMatrix-package for an introduction to the respective packages.

file-backed-matrices for more information on file-backed matrices. multi-level-parallelism for more information on multi-level parallelism.

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