MaxBETs {BET}R Documentation

Binary Expansion Testing up to a Certain Depth


MaxBETs is used for nonparametric dependence detection. Extended from BET, for a chosen maximal depth d.max, MaxBETs does a sequential test up to d.max and avoids overlapping symmetry statistics in different depths, for all 2 ≤ d ≤ d.max. The adjustment is done by multiplying the number of interactions which are in the σ-field generated by marginal binary expansions at depth d but not in that at depth d-1.


  d.max = 4,
  unif.margin = FALSE,
  asymptotic = TRUE,
  plot = FALSE,
  index = list(c(1:ncol(X)))



a matrix to be tested. When X has only one column, BETs will test whether X is [0, 1]-uniformly distributed (an error will be given if data is out of range [0, 1]). When X has two or more columns, BETs tests the independence among those column vectors.


the maximal depth of the binary expansion for BETs.


logicals. If TRUE the marginal distribution is known to be Uniform[0,1]. Default is FALSE, and empirical cdf transformation will be applied to each marginal distribution.


logicals. If TRUE the p-value is computed by asymptotic distribution. Default to be TRUE. Ignored if X has three or more columns.


logicals. If TRUE, make the plot of cross interaction of the strongest asymmetry. Default to be FALSE. This option only works for X with two columns.


a list of indices. If provided, test the independence among two or more groups of variables, for example, (X_1, X_2) and X_3.



the overall p-value on the test.


the interaction that the p-value is minimal.


normal approximation of the test statistic.


##test mutual independence
v <- runif(128, -pi, pi)
X1 <- cos(v) + 2.5 * rnorm(128, 0, 1/20)
X2 <- sin(v) + 2.5 * rnorm(128, 0, 1/20)
MaxBETs(cbind(X1, X2), 3, asymptotic = FALSE, index = list(c(1), c(2)))

##test independence between (x1, x2) and y
x1 = runif(128)
x2 = runif(128)
y = sin(4*pi*(x1 + x2)) + 0.4*rnorm(128)
MaxBETs(cbind(x1, x2, y), 3, index = list(c(1,2), c(3)))

##test uniformity
x1 = rbeta(128, 2, 4)
x2 = rbeta(128, 2, 4)
x3 = rbeta(128, 2, 4)
MaxBETs(cbind(x1, x2, x3), 3)

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