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Trace plot of graph size


Trace plot for graph size for the objects of S3 class "bdgraph", from function bdgraph. It is a tool for monitoring the convergence of the sampling algorithms, BDMCMC and RJMCMC.


 traceplot ( bdgraph.obj, acf = FALSE, pacf = FALSE, main = NULL, ... ) 



An object of S3 class "bdgraph", from function bdgraph. It also can be an object of S3 class "ssgraph", from the function ssgraph::ssgraph() of R package ssgraph::ssgraph().


Visualize the autocorrelation functions for graph size.


Visualize the partial autocorrelations for graph size.


Graphical parameter (see plot).


System reserved (no specific usage).


Reza Mohammadi and Ernst Wit


Mohammadi, R. and Wit, E. C. (2019). BDgraph: An R Package for Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models, Journal of Statistical Software, 89(3):1-30

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See Also

plotcoda, bdgraph, bdgraph.mpl


## Not run: 
# Generating multivariate normal data from a 'random' graph
data.sim <- bdgraph.sim( n = 50, p = 6, size = 7, vis = TRUE )
bdgraph.obj <- bdgraph( data = data.sim, iter = 10000, burnin = 0, save = TRUE )
traceplot( bdgraph.obj )
traceplot( bdgraph.obj, acf = TRUE, pacf = TRUE )

## End(Not run)

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