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Labor force survey data


The survey dataset concerns 1002 males in the U.S labor force, described by Hoff (2007). The seven observed variables which have been measured on various scales are as follow: the income (income), degree (degree), the number of children (children), parents income (pincome), parents degree (pdegree), number of parents children (pchildren), and age (age).


 data( surveyData ) 


The format is a matrix with 1002 rows (number of individuals) and 7 column (number of variables).


Hoff, P. (2007). Extending the rank likelihood for semiparametric copula estimation, The Annals of Applied Statistics, 1(1), 265-283.

Mohammadi, R. and Wit, E. C. (2019). BDgraph: An R Package for Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models, Journal of Statistical Software, 89(3):1-30


data( surveyData )

summary( surveyData )

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