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Risk factors of coronary heart disease


The dataset consist of 6 discrete variables as the potential risk factors of coronary heart disease. The data collected from 1841 men employed of a car factory in Czechoslovakia (Reinis et al. 1981).


 data( reinis ) 


The format is a matrix with 1841 rows (number of individuals) and 6 column (number of variables).


Edwards and Havranek (1985). A fast procedure for model search in multidimensional contingency tables, Biometrika, 72:339-351

Reinis et al (1981). Prognostic significance of the risk profile in the prevention of coronary heart disease, Bratis. lek. Listy, 76:137-150

Mohammadi, A. and Dobra, A. (2017). The R Package BDgraph for Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models, ISBA Bulletin, 24(4):11-16


data( reinis )

summary( reinis )

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