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Bayes factor between two graphs


Compute the Bayes factor between the structure of two graphs.


    bf( num, den, bdgraph.obj, log = TRUE ) 


num, den

An adjacency matrix corresponding to the true graph structure in which a_{ij}=1 if there is a link between notes i and j, otherwise a_{ij}=0. It can be an object with S3 class "graph" from function graph.sim. It can be an object with S3 class "sim" from function bdgraph.sim.


An object of S3 class "bdgraph", from function bdgraph. It also can be an object of S3 class "ssgraph", from the function ssgraph::ssgraph() of R package ssgraph::ssgraph().


A character value. If TRUE the Bayes factor is given as log(BF).


A single numeric value, the Bayes factor of the two graph structures num and den.


Reza Mohammadi


Mohammadi, R. and Wit, E. C. (2019). BDgraph: An R Package for Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models, Journal of Statistical Software, 89(3):1-30

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See Also

bdgraph, bdgraph.mpl, compare, bdgraph.sim


    ## Not run: 
        # Generating multivariate normal data from a 'circle' graph
        data.sim <- bdgraph.sim( n = 50, p = 6, graph = "circle", vis = TRUE )

        # Running sampling algorithm
        bdgraph.obj <- bdgraph( data = data.sim )

        graph_1 <- graph.sim( p = 6, vis = TRUE )
        graph_2 <- graph.sim( p = 6, vis = TRUE )

        bf( num = graph_1, den = graph_2, bdgraph.obj = bdgraph.obj )
## End(Not run)

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