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export BCE


export function: writes a BCE-object and its summary statistics to a series of files.


export.bce(x, file="BCE", input.list=NULL, ...)



a bce object, output of the function BCE().


file to which the bce object is written.


a list of the arguments in bce() can be provided and saved as well.


additional arguments.


The bce object is saved (save) to the specified file. For people not familiar to R, it can be more 'user-friendly' to export summary results to comma delimited textfiles, that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet program. The function summary.bce is called to calculate summary statistics of a BCE object; These are then written to a series of .csv files with a name that combines the specified filename and a string indicating the content of the .csv files. Traces and marginal probabilities of all estimated values are plotted and saved in .png files. These traces should be inspected carefully before accepting any results (see also plot.bce).


Karel Van den Meersche

See Also

BCE, summary.bce, plot.bce, pairs.bce


## Not run: export.bce(bceOutput, file="bceOutput")

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