bceInput {BCE}R Documentation

ratiomatrix and datamatrix for demonstration of BCE().


The datamatrix contains a set of biomarker measurements for a number of field samples.

The ratiomatrix contains biomarker data of a number of biological taxa. BCE() uses these matrices to estimate the taxonomical composition of the samples based on the provided taxa. For use with the function bce1(), they have to be transposed.




## Graphical representation of the example input data
palette(rainbow(12, s = 0.6, v = 0.75))

mp     <- apply(bceInput$Rat,MARGIN=2,max)
mp2    <- apply(bceInput$Dat,MARGIN=2,max)
pstars <- rbind(t(t(bceInput$Rat)/mp),t(t(bceInput$Dat)/mp2))

stars(pstars, len = 0.9, key.loc = c(7.2, -2),scale=FALSE,
      ncol=5,ylim=c(0,3),main = "bce Input: species + field samples", 
      draw.segments = TRUE, flip.labels=FALSE)

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