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The Bayesian Compositional Estimator Package


Functions that estimate sample (taxonomic) composition from biomarker data

bce1 estimates probability distributions of a sample composition based on an input ratio matrix, A, containing biomarker ratios in (field) samples, and an input data matrix, B, containing the biomarker ratios for several taxonomic groups

tlsce estimates the total least squares solution

This version differs from the previous version <2 in that a different MCMC method is used that shows better convergence properties and has a more sound underlying statistical model.


Package: BCE
Type: Package
License: GNU Public License 2 or above


Karel Van den Meersche (Maintainer)

Karline Soetaert


Van den Meersche, K., K. Soetaert and J.J. Middelburg (2008) A Bayesian compositional estimator for microbial taxonomy based on biomarkers, Limnology and Oceanography Methods 6, 190-199

See Also

bce the new function, with better convergence properties

BCE the original function (versions < 2)

tlsce total least squares compositional estimator


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