ACE_FPK {BBMV}R Documentation

Ancestral Character Estimation


Function to perform Ancestral Character Estimation under the FPK (or BBM+V) model


ACE_FPK(fit, specific.point = NULL)



An FPK model fit, as returned by find.mle_FPK.


If set to NULL (the default), then the function will produce an ACE at all internal nodes in the tree. Alternatively, specific.point can be used to ask for an ACE at any specific point in the tree (i.e., not a node): specific.point must then be a vector with three elements: c(parent_node,child_node,time_from_start_of branch).


For each internal node, the function returns a table giving the probability density of the trait. The first column gives all possible trait values on the discretized trait grid, and the second the probability density at each of these points. If only a specific.point was asked, the function only returns one such table.


F. C. Boucher

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