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Tag and untag images uploaded to a project


Tag and untag images uploaded to a project


add_image_tags(project, image_ids, tags)

## S3 method for class 'classification_project'
add_image_tags(project, image_ids = list_images(project, "untagged"), tags)

remove_image_tags(project, image_ids = list_images(project, "tagged", as =
  "ids"), tags = list_tags(project, as = "ids"))



a Custom Vision classification project.


The IDs of the images to tag or untag.


For add_image_tags, the tag labels to add to the images. For remove_image_tags, the tags (either text labels or IDs) to remove from images. The default for untagging is to remove all assigned tags.


add_image_tags is for tagging images that were uploaded previously, while remove_image_tags untags them. Adding tags does not remove previously assigned ones. Similarly, removing one tag from an image leaves any other tags intact.

Tags can be specified in the following ways:

If the length of the vector is 1, it will be recycled to the length of image_ids.


The vector of IDs for the images affected, invisibly.

See Also

add_images, add_tags

add_image_regions for object detection projects


## Not run: 

imgs <- dir("path/to/images", full.names=TRUE)
img_ids <- add_images(myproj, imgs)
add_image_tags(myproj, "mytag")
remove_image_tags(myproj, img_ids[1])
add_image_tags(myproj, img_ids[1], "myothertag")

## End(Not run)

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