summarise.tbl_kusto_abstract {AzureKusto}R Documentation

Summarise method for Kusto tables


This method is the same as other summarise methods, with the exception of the .strategy, .shufflekeys and .num_partitions optional arguments. They provide hints to the Kusto engine on how to execute the summarisation, and can sometimes be useful to speed up a query. See the Kusto documentation for more details.


## S3 method for class 'tbl_kusto_abstract'
  .strategy = NULL,
  .shufflekeys = NULL,
  .num_partitions = NULL



A Kusto tbl.


Summarise expressions.


A summarise strategy to pass to Kusto. Currently the only value supported is "shuffle".


A character vector of column names to use as shuffle keys.


The number of partitions for a shuffle query.

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## Not run: 

tbl1 <- tbl_kusto(db, "table1")

## standard dplyr syntax:
summarise(tbl1, mx=mean(x))

## Kusto extensions:
summarise(tbl1, mx=mean(x), .strategy="broadcast") # a broadcast summarise

summarise(tbl1, mx=mean(x), .shufflekeys=c("var1", "var2")) # shuffle summarise with shuffle keys

summarise(tbl1, mx=mean(x), .num_partitions=5)     # no. of partitions for a shuffle summarise

## End(Not run)

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