kusto_database_endpoint {AzureKusto}R Documentation

Endpoints for communicating with a Kusto database


Endpoints for communicating with a Kusto database


  .connection_string = NULL,
  .query_token = NULL,
  .use_integer64 = FALSE



Named arguments which are the properties for the endpoint object. See 'Details' below for the properties that AzureKusto recognises.


An alternative way of specifying the properties, as a database connection string. Properties supplied here override those in ... if they overlap.


Optionally, an Azure Active Directory (AAD) token to authenticate with. If this is supplied, it overrides other tokens specified in ... or in the connection string.


For kusto_database_endpoint, whether to convert columns with Kusto long datatype into 64-bit integers in R, using the bit64 package. If FALSE, represent them as numeric instead.


This is a list of properties recognised by kusto_database_endpoint, and their alternate names. Property names not in this list will generate an error. Note that not all properties that are recognised are currently supported by AzureKusto.

General properties:

User authentication properties:

App authentication properties:

Currently, AzureKusto only supports authentication via Azure Active Directory. Authenticating with DSTS is planned for the future.

The way kusto_database_endpoint obtains an AAD token is as follows.

  1. If the .query_token argument is supplied, use it.

  2. Otherwise, if the usertoken property is supplied, use it.

  3. Otherwise, if the apptoken property is supplied, use it.

  4. Otherwise, if the appclientid property is supplied, use it to obtain a token:

  5. Otherwise, if no appclientid property is supplied, authenticate with the KustoClient app:


An object of class kusto_database_endpoint.

See Also

run_query, az_kusto_database


## Not run: 

kusto_database_endpoint(server="myclust.australiaeast.kusto.windows.net", database="db1")

# supplying a token obtained previously
token <- get_kusto_token("myclust.australiaeast.kusto.windows.net")
kusto_database_endpoint(server="myclust.australiaeast.kusto.windows.net", database="db1",

## End(Not run)

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