Data Augmentation for Machine Learning on Tabular Data

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Documentation for package ‘AugmenterR’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

Generate 'Generate' Asks for a dataframe and generates a new sample returns novel sample along with intervals it contained to revalidate it using confidence levels
GenerateASingleCandidate 'GenerateASingleCandidate' Generates a novel sample from a target class and evaluate it against the other classes to check if it satisfies the confidence level returns NA if the generated sample does not satisfy the condition, otherwise returns novel sample
GenerateMultipleCandidates 'GenerateMultipleCandidates' Asks for a dataframe and some parameters and returns multiple novel samples from the target class
ObtainCandidate 'ObtainCandidate' Asks for a vector and returns a value along with the range it is contained in the attribute Is used alongside other functions when generating a new sample