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PUBLIC dataset: theoretical titration curve for TA determination as given in table 1 of Dickson1981


x-value mass of titrant added (in g)
y-value pH measured on the free proton scale
t 25 degC
S 35
mass\_sample 200 g
conc\_titrant 0.3000 mol/kg-soln
TA 0.00245 mol/kg-soln
SumCO2 0.00220 mol/kg-soln
SumBOH3 0.00042 mol/kg-soln
SumH2SO4 0.02824 mol/kg-soln
SumHF 0.00007 mol/kg-soln
K\_W 4.32e-14 (mol/kg-soln)*(mol/kg-soln)
K\_CO2 1.00e-6 mol/kg-soln
K\_HCO3 8.20e-10 mol/kg-soln
K\_BOH3 1.78e-9 mol/kg-soln
K\_HSO4 1/1.23e1 mol/kg-soln
K\_HF 1/4.08e2 mol/kg-soln


Andreas F. Hofmann. Maintained by Karline Soetaert (

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