Compare Activity Patterns with Activity Probability Density (APD)

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Documentation for package ‘AnimalAPD’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

APDraw Calculate Raw APD Values
APDRE Activity Probability Density Controlling for Random Effects
APDREcorr APDREcorr Correlations between Activity Patterns using APD GLMMs
boarexample Camera Trap Observations of wild boar
exampleAPDRE Executable Example of APDRE Function
exampleAPDREcorr Executable Example of APDREcorr Function
plotAPDavg Plot APDavg Posterior Samples
plotAPDcorr Plot APDcorr Posterior Samples and Predicted Effects
plotAPDcv Plot APDcv Posterior Samples
wolfexample Camera Trap Observations of African golden wolves