getAndromedaTempDiskSpace {Andromeda}R Documentation

Get the available disk space in Andromeda temp


Attempts to determine how much disk space is still available in the Andromeda temp folder. This function uses Java, so will only work if the rJava package is installed.

By default the Andromeda temp folder is located in the system temp space, but the location can be altered using options(andromedaTempFolder = "c:/andromedaTemp"), where "c:/andromedaTemp" is the folder to create the Andromeda objects in.


getAndromedaTempDiskSpace(andromeda = NULL)



Optional: provide an Andromeda object for which to get the available disk space. Normally all Andromeda objects use the same temp folder, but the user could have altered it.


The number of bytes of available disk space in the Andromeda temp folder. Returns NA if unable to determine the amount of available disk space, for example because rJava is not installed, or because the user doesn't have the rights to query the available disk space.


# Get the number of available gigabytes:
getAndromedaTempDiskSpace() / 1024^3

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