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The Amiga File Format Handler package


The Amiga File Format Handler package (AmigaFFH) is designed to interpret file formats that were native to Commodore Amiga machines.


In combination with the adfExplorer package this package can be used to interpret older file formats that were native to the Commodore Amiga. The focus of this package will be on the older system (Amiga OS <= 3.0). This will allow you to analyse and interpret these files in the scripted environment of R.

Note that all functions and methods in this package are implemented as scripted source code and may not run very fast.

Supported File Formats

This package supports a number of file formats. The ProTracker module file format requires sophisticated interpretation and a dedicated package (ProTrackR) is developed for that purpose.

The following formats are supported by this package (to some extend):

In future versions of this package more file types may be added to this list.

In Addition...

Several helper functions are also exported by this package. This will give you access to older compression techniques, such as the run length encoding (packBitmap) and delta Fibonacci compression (deltaFibonacciCompress). But also other techniques that will help in converting modern files into classic file formats and vice versa. Such as for instance the function to dither full colour images to a limited colour palette.


Pepijn de Vries


Documentation on several Amiga File types:

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