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Package to make acoustic cues to use with ndl or ndl2.


The packages main function is makeCues. readTextGridFast, readTextGridRobust, readESPSAnnotation and readWavesurfer are helper functions that read the corresponding annotation files and return a data.frame. CorpusCoder codes a whole corpus given a vector with the path to and names of wave files and a vector for the annotation files. word_classification_data provides data from Arnold et al 2017


Denis Arnold


Reference to to paper in accepted form.


           ## Not run: 
           # assuming the corpus contains wave files and praat textgrids
           setwd(~/Data/MyCorpus) # assuming everything is in one place
           #assuming you have one wav for each annotation
           Annotations=list.files(pattern="*.TextGrids",recursive=T) # see above
           # Lets assume the annotation is in UTF-8 and you want everything from a tier called words
           # Lets assume tha you want to dismiss everything in <|>
           # Lets assume that have 4 cores available
           # Lets assume that you want the defaut settings for the parameters
           Data=CorpusCoderCorpusCoder(Waves, Annotations, AnnotationType = "TextGrid",
           TierName = "words", Dismiss = "<|>", Encoding, Fast = F, Cores = 4, 
           IntensitySteps = 5, Smooth = 800)
## End(Not run)

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