ASRgenomics {ASRgenomics}R Documentation

ASRgenomics: A package with complementary genomic functions


This package presents a series of molecular and genetic routines in the R environment with the aim of assisting in analytical pipelines before and after use of ASReml-R or another library to perform analyses such as Genomic Selection (GS) or Genome-Wide Association Analyses (GWAS).

The main tasks considered are:

The functions implemented consider aspects such as: filtering SNP data for quality control; assessing a kinship matrix \boldsymbol{K} by reporting diagnostics (statistics and plots); performing Principal Component Analyses (PCA) based on kinship or SNP matrices for understanding population structure; calculating the genomic matrix \boldsymbol{G} and its inverse and assessing their quality; matching pedigree- against genomic-based matrices; tuning up a genomic matrix (bend, blend or align); and obtaining the hybrid matrix \boldsymbol{H} as required with single-step GBLUP (ssGBLUP).

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