subsetCross {ASMap}R Documentation

Subset an R/qtl object


Subset an R/qtl object by chromosome or by individuals for populations used within the R/ASMap package.


subsetCross(cross, chr, ind, ...)



A "cross" object generated from the R/qtl package. Specifically the object needs to inherit from one of the following classes "bc", "dh", "riself", "bcsft" (see Details).


Optional vector specifying which chromosomes to keep or discard. This may be a logical, numeric, or character string vector. See ?subset.cross.


Optional vector specifying which individuals to keep or discard. This may be a logical or numeric vector (see Details).


Kept for compatability with subset.cross and is ignored at this point.


This function is a replacement version of subset.cross that should be used if the cross object contains any or all of the components "co.located", "seg.distortion" and "missing" created by a pullCross call. For a given ind, the function calls subset.cross to ensure that all elements created from calls to native R/qtl functions are subsetted appropriately. In addition, the "co.located", "seg.distortion" and "missing" elements are also subsetted and if components "seg.distortion" and "missing" exist, statistics in their respective tables are recalculated.

It provides identical functionality to subset.cross with the exception that ind can only be a logical or numeric vector.


The cross object is returned with the appropriate subsetting.


Julian Taylor


Taylor, J., Butler, D. (2017) R Package ASMap: Efficient Genetic Linkage Map Construction and Diagnosis. Journal of Statistical Software, 79(6), 1–29.

See Also

subset.cross and pullCross


data(mapDH, package = "ASMap")

mapDH.s <- pullCross(mapDH, type = "seg.distortion")
mapDH.s <- subsetCross(mapDH.s, ind = 3:218)

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