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Global Vegetation Moisture Index


Global Vegetation Moisture Index (GVMI) is suitable for retrieving vegetation water content when the LAI is equal to or greater than 2. For sparsely vegetated area, where LAI is less than 2, further research is required to understand the role of soil effects on reflectance measured in the all-optical spectrum (Ceccato et, al. 2002).


gvmi(directory = getwd(), crop = "n", ext2crop = "none")


ext2crop, crop, directory

Same as mentioned in arvi.


Computed GVMI product


1. GVMI = ((r_nir + 0.1)- (r_swir2+0.2))/ ((r_nir + 0.1)- (r_swir2+0.2))

where, "r_" denotes TOA reflectance band. Other important notes are mentioned in custom.eqn.


Ceccato P, Gobron N, Flasse S, Pinty B and Tarantola S (2002) Designing a spectral index to estimate vegetation water content from remote sensing data: Part 1: Theoretical approach. Remote Sensing of Environment, 82(2-3), pp:188-197. doi:10.1016/S0034-4257(02)00037-8.


library (raster)
library (rgdal)
# Finding the path of the sample satellite image directory.
# User may define paths directly like "/home/ur_folder" or "C:/ur_folder"
path <- system.file ("TM_sample", package = "ASIP")
shapefil <- paste0 (path, "/test.shp")
op <- gvmi (directory = path, crop = "y", ext2crop = shapefil)

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