sg_optimal_combination {ARGOS}R Documentation

Optimal Savitzky-Golay Filter Parameters Finder


This function finds the optimal parameters for the Savitzky-Golay filter by evaluating combinations of polynomial orders and window lengths.


sg_optimal_combination(x_t, dt = 1, polyorder)



A numeric vector or one-column matrix. The data to be smoothed.


A numeric scalar. The time-step interval of the data. Default is 1.


A numeric scalar. The order of the polynomial to be used in the Savitzky-Golay filter. If not specified, 4 will be used by default.


A list with three elements: - sg_combinations: a matrix where each row represents a combination of polynomial order and window length tried. - sg_order_wl: a vector of length 2 with the optimal polynomial order and window length. - f_dist: a data frame with the mean squared error of the differences between the original data and the smoothed data for each combination.

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