create_oneAPCsummaryTable {APCtools}R Documentation

Internal helper to create a summary table for one estimated GAM model


Internal helper function to be called in create_APCsummary. This function creates the summary table for one model estimated with gam or bam.


create_oneAPCsummaryTable(model, dat, apc_range = NULL)



Optional regression model estimated with gam or bam to estimate a smoothed APC surface. Only used if y_var is not specified.


Dataset with columns period and age. If y_var is specified, the dataset must contain the respective column. If model is specified, the dataset must have been used for model estimation with gam or bam.


Optional list with one or multiple elements with names "age","period","cohort" to filter the data. Each element should contain a numeric vector of values for the respective variable that should be kept in the data. All other values are deleted.


data.frame containing aggregated information on the individual effects.

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