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Documentation for package ‘ANTs’ version 0.0.13

Help Pages

ant ANT diagnostic for permuted statistics
assoc.gfi Generalized affiliation index
assoc.indices Association indices
convert.socprog Converts Socprog data frame
df.create Creates an empty data frame or a list of empty data frames Data frame to GBI. Data frame to a matrix Group by individual matrix to linear data frame of association
import.df Imports data frames
import.mat Imports matrices Matrix to edge list
met.affinity Affinity
met.assortativity Assortativity
met.betweenness Betweenness centrality Centralisation index Degree
met.density Density
met.diameter Diameter
met.disparity Disparity
met.eigen Eigenvector Centrality Global efficiency
met.geodesic Geodesic distances
met.indegree Indegree
met.instrength Instrength
met.lp Laplacian centrality
met.outdegree Outdegree
met.outstrength Outstrength
met.reach Reach centrality
met.ri R-Index
met.strength Strength
perm.ds.focal Data stream permutation for focal sampling data .
perm.ds.grp Data stream permutation for association data Link permutation keeping the structure Matrix links permutations Links weigths permutations Node label permutations with or without random factor(s) Nodes labels permutation keeping network structure
sampling.effort Sampling effort
sampling.robustness Metric robustness
sampling.uncertainty Metric uncertainty
sim.df Simulated data frame
sim.focal.directed Focal sampling directed data
sim.focal.undirected Focal sampling undirected data
sim.gbi Group by individual (GBI) matrix
sim.gbi.att Dyadic attributes for sim.gbi data
sim.grp Simulated data collected through gambit of the group sampling
sim.m Simulated Matrix of interactions
sim.socprog Simulated Socprog data format
stat.cor Correlation test on permuted data.
stat.deletions Network target & random deletion simulations
stat.deletionsPlot Plot for network deletion simulations
stat.glm Permuted Generalized Linear Model
stat.glmm Extracts statistical measures of interest in Generalized Linear Mixed Models
stat.lm Extracts statistical measures of interest in Linear Model
stat.t T-test on data frame
stat.tauKr Matrix TauKr correlations Histogram of posterior distribution
which.metric Which metric to choose
which.protocol Which metric to choose