Companion to Applied Linear Statistical Models

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Documentation for package ‘ALSM’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

ABTElectronicsCorporation ABT Electronics Corporation
AICp Calculate AIC Aligned dot plot specific variable correspond to two factor
ApexEnterprises ApexEnterprises
AuditorTraining_10 Auditor Training (10 block)
AuditorTraining_5 Auditor Training ( 5 block)
BestSub Automatic Search Procedures for Model Selection; Best Subsets Algorithms
bftest Brown-Forsythe Test between two group
BodyFat Body Fat dataset
boxcox.sse Box-Cox Transformations (SSE)
CashOffers Cash Offers
CastleBakery Castle Bakery
ci.reg Estimation and confidence interval of Mean Response and Prediction of New Observation in regression model
CoinOperatedTenninals Coin Operated Tenninals
ComputerizedGame Computerized Game
cpc Calculate cp critera
CrackerPromotion CrackerPromotion
DiskDriveService Disk Drive Service
FillingMachines Filling Machines
GroceryRetailer Grocery Retailer dataset
GrowthHormone GrowthHormone
HayFeverRelief Hay Fever Relief
HelicopterService Helicopter Service
JobProficiency Job Proficiency dataset
JobProficiencyAdditional Job Proficiency Additional dataset
KentonFoodCompany Kenton Food Company
model.s Criteria for Model Selection
modelval Model Validation
normal.cor.test normal correation test
onerandom one random effect model
oneway Single-Factor ANOVA
Plasma plasma level of a polyamine
plotmodel.s plot Criterias for Model Selection
PortraitStudio Portrait Studio dataset
PremiumDistribution Premium Distribution
pressc calculate PRESS
ProductivityImprovement Productivity Improvement
ProgrammerRequirements Programmer Requirements
QuestionnaireColor Questionnaire Color
RehabilitationTherapy Rehabilitation Therapy
RiskPremium Risk Premium
RoadPaintWear RoadPaintWear
RustInhibitor RustIn hibitor
SalableFlowers Salable Flowers
satterthwaite satterthwaite
SBCp Calculate SBC
ServoData Servo Data
SolutionConcentration SolutionCon centration
ssea.oneway Planning of Sample Sizes with Estimation Approach Single factor ANOVA
SurgicalUnit Surgical Unit dataset
SurgicalUnitAdditional Surgical Unit Additional dataset
TaskCompletion Task Completion
TelephoneCommunications Telephone Communications
TolucaCompany Toluca Company dataset Confidence intervals for tow way ANOVA
WindingSpeeds Winding Speeds